Remember when we said we were going to Exxxotica NJ to score all kindsa boss shit for you to drool over on our blog? Bet you thought we were lying, huh? Oh youse of little fuckin’ faith! If we were lying, how the fuck do you imagine we managed to score three fucking hours of facetime* with none other than Samantha fuckin’ Rone, huh?

Yeah, we’re feeling pretty good about ourselves, because we didn’t expect someone like Samantha to even TALK to us, let alone allow us to record the conversation so that there’s proof she talked to us. We kinda have a crush on her. Which isn’t too unusual, given the fact that she does amazing stuff like this for a living.


Also, in case you were wondering, here are Samantha’s top 3 best movies (in this author’s opinion):

3. Super Cute Vol. 1

2. She’s in Charge 2

1. Anal Threesomes (what can we say, we like buttfucking!)


*Editor’s note: she actually only talked to us for about 10 minutes. Which was very kind of her. 




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