UPDATE: The Lana Rhoades tweet seen later in this story is actually from the day BEFORE the incident, a fact we were hipped to by Adriana Chechik via twitter. While we would NEVER attempt to be actual journalists or present any manner of integrity in our writing, we figured we ought to clear the air and correct ourselves. We’re dummies. It’s kinda our thing. Sorry!

Word on the street is that Lana Rhoades and Adriana Chechik beefed BIG TIME during this weekend’s night moves awards! We weren’t there, and we don’t really believe in asking “sources” so we really don’t have any goddamn idea what sparked the incident, but suffice it to say, it sounds like SHIT WAS FUCKED UP. And as a result, Ms. Rhoades has been dropped from LA Models! Whuh-oh!

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This is a picture of a woman eating semen


With the launch of the brand-new this summer, our On Demand experience was upgraded and improved dramatically. Our library of films that are available to watch instantly is MASSIVE and full of all sorts of sexy, sultry, deviant and downright filthy porno flicks. Just take a peek at the current top 5 bestsellers listed below. The kinds of sexual acts portrayed therein would have lead to mass executions in the 1800’s. But now? Now these delightful sexual adventures are ALL available to watch INSTANTLY!

Please note, these aren’t OUR top 5 because we’re WAY more morally bankrupt – but maybe you snowflakes will enjoy these!

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It’s entirely possible that you’ve never deigned to imagine what goes on in the average workday of a man like Spock BUCKTON. Which is kinda sad, because you’re missing out on one of nature’s greatest miracles.

We’ve long considered the fact that a human (?) like BUCKTON is even living, let alone functioning and, heck, maybe even thriving in the current work climate to be nothing short of a miracle. The man doesn’t understand basic technology like light switches and somehow manages to pull down over 120k per year. It’s truly stunning.

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