Adult star Puma Swede is really good at bangin’ it out on camera. Obviously. That’s what makes her an “adult star” rather than just a nondescript “banged-out persona“. As it turns out, though, while Ms. Swede is clearly pretty big on working with various types of meat (that’s a euphemism for dicks and maybe pussy lips), her true desires lie more in the literal meat arena!

What we’re taking a long time to say (with stupid jokes, no less) is that Puma Swede is opening a burger restaurant called PUMA BURGER!

From what a guy on the street here in Philadelphia told us, the name comes from the fact that the earlist known hamburger recipes called for roughly 50% puma meat, which was hard to get at the time and thus made burgers a real delicacy! Also, her first name is Puma, so you know, double bonus!

“We are focusing on gourmet style burgers and are hard at work creating an awesome menu and tasty burgers!” Swede declared when asked about her recent film Broken Vows (which is actually how the world found out about this new burger venture). When pressed by some porn “journalist” about her recent MILF-themed movies, Ms. Swede only laughed heartily and replied “Just wait until you see the names of the burgers, ha-ha!”

So, uh. That’s it, we suppose. If you happen to find yourself in Sweden for some reason and want a burger, you could probably do a lot worse. Here’s a video where she explains what a burger is (we assume, we’re monolingual idiots, as are most white Americans).

Välkomna till Puma Burger! Premiär & Halloween fest sista helgen i Oktober! Finnen i mig utlovar fri dricka. Lite för bra för att vara sant, så ta med några riksdaler till drickat 🙂 Vem kommer??? Hoppas vi ses!

Posted by Pumaburger on Wednesday, October 11, 2017



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