Hey! The weekend is here, and while many would use that to take in a show, go camping or maybe even work on a home improvement project, we know better than that. The weekend is, to anyone who knows a thing or two about enjoying life, a time to whack off as much as possible to as many things as possible!

With that in mind, our stellar VOD service happens to have a few suggestions for you! Read on to see POPPORN’s top5 VOD picks, but we’ll warn you…it might get a little bit disgusting!












This one’s an oldie but goodie, from the bygone era of 2013. A simpler time when things made more sense and we weren’t as fat as we are now (it’ll happen to you too). Way back in 2013, there was a young lady making pornographs by the name of Jessie Rogers. You may not remember her, because everybody’s attention spans are apparently just plain fucking terrible, but whatever – she was AWESOME. Especially the ass part of her!

This movie also stars other people. We forget who, but that doesn’t matter because this is a bestselling title anyway, and who the fuck are YOU to argue with sales data! Just watch it, unless you hate having orgasms!














If you’re on of the millions who read this blog every day (and we’re pretty sure there are millions of you…we hope), you might remember a few weeks back when we gushed on and on (literally and figuaritvely) about how fucking great this movie was. Well, we weren’t just whistling dixie. This movie really IS one of the hottest motherfuckin’ uses of juggs and cunts that we’ve seen in years. We even tried to host a local watch party around it but all of our guests declined with stupid excuses like “um, what the fuck”, “jesus that sounds disgusting” and “who dis”. THEIR LOSS!

This movie stars the recently disgraced Lana Rhoades and the recently deceased Leah Gotti. Watch it, stupid!














The first of two comic book themed movies in this week’s list, Justice League XXX holds the distinct honor of appearing to be about a billion times better than it’s awful looking source material. We don’t know why the fuck Hollywood keeps giving Zack Snyder money to ruin beloved characters but seriously, fuck that guy. At least Axel Braun came along to inject the thing with maybe an OUNCE of credibility. Plus, now it’s got lots of blowjobs, and blowjobs are really fun to watch (and apparently to receive, not that we’d know)!

To further make our case for this flick, here’s an animated in which Flash seems connused about his handjob:














We just included this one because Daredevil’s costume is so awesome.

And Watching Marica Hase get boned out is always a pretty good time!














People talk about Rocco Siffredi like he’s some kinda fuckin’ legend or something, but we honestly can’t say we’ve ever even HEARD of him. Besides, Rocco’s a DUMB name. However, we can;t deny that cover starlet Marina Visconti has some sick fuckin’ tits, which we can totally handle grooving on for days on end. And this movie has lots of righteous assfucking in it, which is always good if you hate assholes as much as we do!

Also, we’re kidding, we totally know who Rocco Siffredi is! We share a beach house with him! Please watch his movie or we’re gonna hear about it!



That about does it for this week. Here’s a pic of some lady playing with her junk while eating a lollipop! Multitasking!




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