Look, I don’t got a lota dough so I don’t buy my lunch often. But when I do, I’m usually looking for a delicious, steaming bowl of soup. The dictionary defines “soup” as a liquid dish, typically made by boiling meat, fish, or vegetable, etc., in stock or water but I just define it as liquid gold.

Today, I picked out a scrumptious white bean chili but GODDAMN THAT SOUP WAS HOT!

Perhaps others might say my soup was not hot enough, but fuck them. They aren’t my tongue and hard palate so what the hell do they know?

Anyway, here’s two pictures of Eva Lovia getting double stuffed. There is no soup in either. These photos are from ‘Eva’, which is currently the bestselling porn DVD over at POPPORN.com.

Man, that soup was hot.

This is a picture of Eva Lovia being DP'dc

This is a picture of Eva Lovia being DP'd

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