With the launch of the brand-new POPPORN.com this summer, our On Demand experience was upgraded and improved dramatically. Our library of films that are available to watch instantly is MASSIVE and full of all sorts of sexy, sultry, deviant and downright filthy porno flicks. Just take a peek at the current top 5 bestsellers listed below. The kinds of sexual acts portrayed therein would have lead to mass executions in the 1800’s. But now? Now these delightful sexual adventures are ALL available to watch INSTANTLY!

Please note, these aren’t OUR top 5 because we’re WAY more morally bankrupt – but maybe you snowflakes will enjoy these!

This is the box cover of Jim Powers' Bukkake

Do you ever watch a movie and say to yourself, “that was good, but it needs MORE CUM”? Well, then this is the movie for you, because it’s like, so overloaded with cum that apparently a little-known division of FEMA called the “Cum Relief Squad” was called in during the second day of shooting.

If any movie is a shoe-in to win “Most Cum” at the next AVN Awards, this is the one! We highly recommend it. This movie stars CUM along with Sarah Vandella and Riley Nixon (who, incidentally, appear underneath a lot of cum).


This is the box cover for Tinkle Time

How many of us have spent our sad days and lonely nights wondering what it’s like when a porn star urinates? Probably all of us, right?! You’d think XXX performers like Megan Rain and Riley Reid pee the same way we do, but you’d be wrong! For one thing, porn stars apparently do NOT use toilets for urination the way average folks do. Instead, they choose to empty their bladders in exotic locales like deserts, beaches, deserted tunnels or even this rock

So, if you hate toilets and don’t feel bad for the poor dopes that have to mop up all the piss after the cameras stop rolling, watch this movie now!


This is the cover of Claire Desires of Submission

We realize it may be hard to feign classiness after recommending movies about jit-bombs and piss freaks, but whatever! We’re big-time mega fans of pretty much everything Marc Dorcel releases (especially this one about unemployment), and this hot new number is about as good as it gets. Like most Dorcel movies, this one focuses on the sexual awakening of a gorgeous European woman, and like most Dorcel movies, it involves a good deal of assfucking, a bunch of bondage and this one part where a guy puts chopsticks in a woman’s butthole! Wow!

Watch this movie, dips!


This is the cover art for Disciplined Teens 2

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: Keisha Grey’s attitude stinks, would someone please just give her some DISCIPLINE already? Well, lament no more, because Keisha, along with a bunch of other young ladies with apparent bad attitudes, are about to get more discipline than they could ever hope for! What’s that mean? Typing up and fucking, apparently! This particular style of behavior correction isn’t outlined in any medical journals we could find, so we’re a little bit dubious as to whether the folks at Team Skeet actually think it’s an appropriate form of discipline, but it really makes us jizz like bonkers, so WHATEVER!

Watch it now, unless you think you have something better to do (you don’t).


This is the cover art for Paranormal Cracktivity

An oldie but goodie, Seymore Butts’ Paranormal Cracktivity 2: Haunted Teens is a perfect pick for this time of year, because the movie has the word “Haunted” on the box cover and it’s almost Halloween! One could say we’re not providing a very compelling argument, but those people are dicks and besides, this movie is a classic of gonzo-era buttfucking that’s never quite been equaled, no matter how hard the XXX industry’s assfuckers may try. So NOW who’s stupid?!

Watch this movie, you buncha fuckin’ tools!




Aaaaaaaand…that’s all for this week! We’ll leave you with this gif of somebody sticking a lollipop inside her pussy, which is another thing you can watch on our website!




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