We’re used to seeing adult performers shill this or that on twitter. It sort of comes with the gig. You shoot your movies and whatnot, but then you plug the retail sites that sell them, the studios that release them, the clubs you dance at, the cam sites that fake shark bites to gain traction in this ever-more-challenging world.

And now, apparently, your toothpase!

At least that’s how it appears, judging by Dani Daniels‘ latest tweet!

We reached out to Crest for comment, but they didn’t answer us. Never being content to give up, we then reached out to just some doofus on the street who confirmed the news by saying “Yeah, sure, fine – just please leave me alone. You’re scaring my children. Back up or I’m gonna knock your fuckin’ teeth out, okay?” (Editor’s note: his kids are OBVIOUS pussies, and we briefly considered knocking HIS teeth out just to prove the point, but whatever)

Not that we’re experts on, well, ANYTHING, but this is the first instance we can think of in which a prominent adult performer was signed on as a spokesperson for a major non-adult brand. Although it’s fairly likely that Ron Jeremy did ads for, dunno, fucking Blimpy’s or something.



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