In case you weren’t fuckin’ aware, we just motherfuckin’ unleashed our new exclusive porno movie from Digital Sin, entitled GIRLFUCK 2. It’s a big old heaping mess of pussies getting mashed together and whatnot, and it’s expected to shatter all sales records into a pile of cum-gunked shards of fuck!

See, the FIRST volume of GIRLFUCK was BY FAR the bestselling DVD we’ve come across (pun TOATES intended) in many years. Probably due to the fact that it’s packed like fuck full of women sticking their fists into each other’s vagina holes (and sometimes their own buttholes too). Fisting isn’t too common in porn DVDs these days, so fans naturally flocked to this thing.

Well, it’s all happening again, because GIRLFUCK 2 is due to hit shelves in a few motherfuckin’ weeks, and it’s got a whole fuckin’ bunch of scenes that feature beaves getting fisted the fuck out – including some stuff that’s never been seen on DVD before!

Here’s a bunch of photos to make your erection hard, or – in the case of female viewers – make your vaginal canal become lubricated with girl cum!



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