We do not know anything about the inner workings of the adult industry. Sure, we’ve been knee deep in the shit for a while now but it’s not like anyone is letting us in on any secrets. So, when we report on corporate press releases it’s usually a sign that either it’s a slow news day or something just got a whole lot sexier.

Today we woke up to a press release from East Coast News, one of the largest sex toy distributors in the known universe, that said (rather heartlessly) they had parted ways with their longtime Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Herbstman. That press release failed to include any insight into why the change was made but like I said, no one tells us anything.

Now, we are always sad to hear about someone losing their job. But, when we learned a few hours later (via another press release from East Coast News) that Herbstman had been replaced by someone named Lynda Mort our sadness quickly turned to attraction because, holy moly, Lynda Mort is attractive!

This is a photo of Lynda Mort

Mort comes to East Coast News after doing tours of duty with XR and Topco. Did we mention she’s beautiful? Wow. She will work out of ECN’s Los Angeles office because she is too attractive for New Jersey where ECN’s home office is located.

UPDATE: We were working on a sonnet to send to East Coast News to woo Mort until we  came across this photo of her with adult PR menace Brian Gross. Now we feel icky.

This is a picture of Lynda Mort and Brian Gross

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