Sic transit gloria mundi is a Latin phrase that means “Thus passes the glory of the world.” In other words, all things are fleeting. And these days, what’s more fleeting than a porn star career?

It’s probably unrealistic for any performer to expect a “career” in porn. If anything, working in front of the camera is just that, work. A job that ends pretty quickly. Most performers make an immediate splash in the industry only to evaporate like so many tears within a couple of months or, at most, years.

Case in point – Leah Gotti.

Leah burst onto the porn scene in 2015 and we immediately began to frequently masturbate to her. Almost religiously. Then, *poof*, she was gone. What happened to her? Is she dead? Was it drugs? Ritualistic sacrifice? Pregnancy? Where did she go? Seriously. Our collective penis wants to know.

This is the artwork for the DVD The Sexual Desires of Leah Gotti

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