It seems like it wasn’t all that long ago that Lana Rhoades did her first anal sex scene. Because of Lana’s unrelenting prettiness, all of us doofs in the porn world were naturally wowed and amazed, as evidenced by all the jit that started shooting out of our bodies when we saw it happen.

Now, a mere two months or so later, Lana’s suddenly jumping right into TWO ANALS at once! For those of you not in the know, “double anal” is when two dudes (usually Mick Blue and one other guy) mash their dicks together into one big “superdick” and then that dick goes inside a girl’s anal-hole! It’s an act that used to be reserved for only the dirtiest performers in porn, but seems to be more and more prevalent these days. Blame millenials and their “bigger better faster more” mentality for that one!

(anal sex not pictured)

Anyway, this big time buttfuckin’ act is part of Lana’s new spotlight feature from Hardx, entitled Lana Rhoades Unleashed. As the official synopsis asserts, this is “unscripted gonzo at it’s finest”, so those of you looking forward to a really provocative story with lots of intricate plot devices and metaphors and shit are gonna be sorely disappointed. Sorry, you fuckin’ nerds!

This scene also features Lana’s first interracial anal scene, which is news because…um…because racism is still alive and well? YES, SHE’S HAVING ANAL SEX WITH A BLACK MAN. IT’S 2017, GUYS, JEEZ.

(Granted, the man in question happens to have a 14 inch dick, so it probably IS kinda newsworthy.)

Anyway, here’s an unnecessarily long nine-minute trailer!



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