Director Toni Ribas crowns her 'Squirt Queen'

Well, it’s official. Porn super-slut Adriana Chechik is a “squirt-queen.” At least, that’s what porn auteur Toni Ribas says and no one, I mean, NO one fucks with “Rib-Eye” Ribas.

While we proudly identify as ‘haters’ we really can’t disagree with his recognition of Ms. Chechik’s abilities. Even the most basic internet image search result reveals voluminous examples of her pussy vomiting talents. It’s gross, actually.

We love her, but it’s gross.

Gross, right?

“Rib-Eye’s” piss/performer spotlight ‘Adriana Chechik is the Squirt Queen‘ arrives on DVD and VOD September 18. It’s probably gonna make you jit.

And for those of you still confused about the biological make-up of squirt, one twitter user has some thoughts on the subject. And those thoughts? Well they sure seem to put speculation to rest:

This is a twitter user talking about PISS


This is the box cover for Adriana Chechik The Ultimate Slut

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