As you have probably guessed by now, we work in the porn industry. I mean, the blog has the word “porn” in the title, so it should be pretty obvious. But we figure if you’re checking in with us on a daily basis, you might have just a few problems with the way your brain works, so maybe it’s not all that obvious.

Anyway, the point is, we see a lot of porn movies on a pretty regular basis. And while we’re pretty happy to see any old DVD that involves someone messing with someone else’s junk, there are certain up and coming stars that just kind of demand our attention. These are the ladies that make us perk up and say “hot fuck” when we see them appearing in a new flick.

So we figure you should be paying attention to them to, because we know what’s good for you!



1. Anya Olsen

We first started noticing Ms. Olsen a little while back when it seemed like she was appearing on just about every cover from every studio in the business. Or at least the ones with good covers (not these guys, obviously). Anyway, Anya really caught our eye when she teamed up with the greatest artist in porn, GREG LANSKY, for her first anal scene, which just flat-out fucking ruled. Check out her movies here, dork!



2. Haley Reed

Though Haley’s been appearing in a whole lot of movies as of late, we had actually first heard of her while assembling our hot exclusive DVD from Digital Sin, GIRLFUCK, in which she engages in some pretty fucking great girl-girl action (and gets a fist plugged WAY up inside her vagina, which is pretty awesome). She’s got a whole slew of great movies at this point, but if you haven’t seen her in action, we recommend you start with her intense fisting scene in GIRLFUCK.



3. Olive Glass

Olive appeared in Penthouse magazine a few months back, marking the first time in 20 years or so that anyone at POPPORN has paid attention to Penthouse magazine. She’s got a kind of old-timey charm and classiness that almost makes it feel like art when she bangs on camera (but, you know, the kind of art that makes you cum). Not to mention that truly special brand of tits that are huge without looking TOO huge for her frame. She’s only appeared in a few films to date, but we’re expecting a lot more from her in the coming year, or else we’re gonna kill ourselves, and then she’d probably feel bad!



4. Pepper Hart

We know pretty much NOTHING about Pepper Hart. But her scene in First Anal Vol. 5 is required viewing for anyone who likes seeing really cute girls engage in anal sex. And she just gets us kind of excited in the more deviant regions of our bodies anytime we see her show up in a new movie. Which, considering how dead our souls are after so many years in this business, is saying something! Pepper, please come visit us, okay?!



5. Luna Corazon

Again, a performer about whom we know very little. But…doods…look at this fuckin’ lady. To date, the only DVDs she’s appeared in are a handful of bisexual flicks and some recent Viv Thomas DVDs. If you’re looking for a good place to start, we highly recommend Sporty Girls. It’s a good movie, and you can masturbate to it (and maybe pick up some fitness tips, because, let’s face it, you’re getting a little chubbed out lately)!



If we missed anybody that you think we oughtta be getting erections to, please let us know in the comments!




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