Hey chubs! You enjoy chowin’ down on food? Well, it turns out that you’re not alone!

With the assistance of some dood named N.A. Poe, POPPORN has recently learned that many porn stars occasionally eat food! In fact, Poe’s taken this whole “people eating food” thing and turned it into a whole web phenomenon, vis-a-vis his new video series entitled, ahem, Eat Me Out.

Eat Me Out, despite the title, is apparently not about the unisex pleasure act known as cunnilignus (or what our staff knows as “pussychowin”). Rather, Poe takes adult performers out to eat, talks a bit and…um…I guess that’s kind of the crux of it. Which, I understand, is anticlimactic. Unlike cunnilingus. Unless you’re talking about bad cunnilingus, which might be the only kind of cunnilingus any of our readers have ever experienced. Let’s face it, you guys probably don’t know how to properly eat pussy. Learn here*.

Anyhoo, the first episode stars Joanna Angel, who we at POPPORN have deeply loved for some time. Be warned, at the beginning of the video, they say that Joanna’s gonna get eaten out at the end. BUT THAT NEVER HAPPENS!

The second installment is said to star Phoenix Marie. You should probably watch it or else it’s possible Phoenix may kick the ever-loving shit of you.

*It’s altogether possible that these cunnilingus tips are total hogwash. Being comprised of all dudes, the POPPORN staff can’t claim to be experts at female pleasure any more than you can. But hey, we try!


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