Good news everyone! Fleshlight, the company that’s made its living molding corpse like replicas of your favorite porn stars’ orifices, has chosen it’s newest sex zombie!

Gorgeous Abella Danger has been chosen as a Fleshlight girl!

If you aren’t familiar with the wonder that is a Fleshlight we recommend you first read MEAT BALL’S glowing review of the Pink Lady Fleshlight and then buy one immediately. Because if like MEAT BALL, you are vaginally challenged (meaning, you’re more likely to catch smallpox than some pussah), a Fleshlight is the closest you can come to the real thing.

This is a picture of Abella Danger having sex

Guys, this could be you!

Danger’s new Fleshlight comes in two orifice styles. One called “Lady” (the fuck is that?) and one called “Butt”. Which is, you know, pretty clear.

More importantly, the inner texture of the Fleshlight is called, “Danger” giving us all one more reason to ride into the danger zone.

Hit it Kenny!

This is a picture of the Pink Lady Fleshlight

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