Yet again, humanity was reminded by none other than humanity itself that people are awful.

In Illinois, Gay adult studio Flava Works filed suit against one Marc Juris for $1.2 million dollars. They claim that Mr. Juvis (as a paying member of one of their porn membership sites) illegally downloaded Flava Works content and illegally shared that content via torrent sites for financial gain. Awful! But hold on a second…

At the same time in California, a lawsuit was filed against Flava Works by a person identified only as “John Doe”. In the suit, “Mr. Doe” claims the owners of Flava Works attempted to extort money from him after falsely accusing him of illegally sharing their copyrighted content on the internet for financial gain. “Mr. Doe” says he received a letter from Flava Works threatening that, unless “Mr. Doe” paid a cash settlement of $97,000, they would publicly expose him as a pirate of gay adult content. “Mr. Doe” went on to say that Flava Works also threatened that if the cash settlement was not paid within 10 days the price to settle out of court would soar to half a million dollars!

When “John Doe” failed to pay either of these settlement fees Flava Works came back saying public exposure via lawsuit would be the next step. And so, Flave Works filed against Marc Juvis who they say, based on IP information they obtained, is “John Doe”.

Are you following this?

Oh yeah, Marc Juris is President & General Manager of AMC-owned WEtv.

So, a gay adult studio who produces gay adult entertainment threatens to “out” someone for that interest thinking it will be embarrassing to them because they are a public figure. The studio gives that person an “out” in the form of an astronomically high cash settlement. Astronomically high, we assume, because the studio believes the public figure has the money to pay it in order to avoid being “publicly shamed” for watching the very content they produce.

But studio says they are just trying to vigorously protect their content and Mr. Juris is a pirate that must be punished for his criminal behavior.

Who knows how this is going to play out. We just wanted to point out that people are awful.

Oh, and if you’re a “public figure” I’d steer well clear of any Flava Works membership site!

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