A company called Skyncams.com (we think they are involved in aviation and photo equipment) and adult performer Riley Nixon have partnered to offer one lucky porn fan the chance to have sex.

No really. One of you will actually get to have sex. Finally. With a woman.

In addition to sex, the winner will also receive a complimentary dinner with Riley Nixon and a 3 day, 2 night stay in Las Vegas with airfare and accommodations included. This last part could prove problematic for some of you who are most certainly shut-ins.

Oh, and the sex you have with Riley Nixon will be filmed which, in our humble opinion, is a terrible idea. However, apparently masks are permitted/encouraged to be worn during the shoot. If you should win, do us all a favor and wear that mask. We can almost guarantee Riley will be wearing blinders.

Details of how to enter can be found here.

Good luck, nerds.

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