It was announced yesterday that porn super star Alexis Fawx signed an exclusive, one-year girl/girl contract with Mile High Media. Under the agreement, Fawx will only perform girl/girl scenes (those are scenes which feature two girls (not women) having sex with each other) for Mile High’s imprint labels including Sweetheart Video, Girlsway and Lesbian X.

“I’m so thankful to Mile High and [vice president] Jon Blitt for this exciting and amazing opportunity to be under exclusive contract for all of my girl/girl scenes with Sweetheart Video, Girlsway and Lesbian X over the next year,” Fawx said which is kind of exactly what I said in the previous paragraph.

Porn aficionado Elbert Delaney said of the news, “It’s queer.” Someone named Janat Khan said on May 30th, a full 9 days before the news was announced:

While terms of the contract have been kept under tight wraps, our in-house accounting team has determined that, based on 2017 adult industry fiscal trends, girl/girl scenes have enjoyed a robust rate increase since 2016. As such, Fawx’s contract could be worth as much as $3280.72.

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