Welcome back.

No, no, stop that. We don’t mean you. We are welcoming ourselves back to the horror that is adult entertainment blogging.

You are welcome!

Now, to begin, we just want to reiterate that our blog is barely a blip on the radar of human existence and that writing a blog is barely evidence of having talents beyond those required to mash potatoes. However, if you’re going to get upset about something a blog writes on it’s grimy walls of disgust, at least have the common sense to review the source prior to getting your dick bent in half over what gets written on these pages.

Please keep this in mind:

POPPORN.com is an adult humor blog. We are not a news site as we typically get the news and the details about the news factually wrong on purpose to amuse ourselves. We also aren’t very serious about anything we post.”

We readily admit that we never research anything we write. In this age of ‘fake news” just assume we are the epicenter of fake. Jesus, if we had to research stuff what fun would that be? Prior to publishing a new article, we review a set of criteria:

1. Has it been a while since we updated the site? Should we update?

2. Does the topic of conversation provide a certain ease of writing about that particular topic? None of us want to work very hard.

3. Does the topic we’re writing about seem ridiculous?

4. Do we have nothing better to do with our time?

If we get thru those questions and end up with an answer that seems to indicate that yes, we should write an article, we do. We then utilize our admittedly limited skills in humor, satire and cultural commentary to infuse a level of charm, wit and sass into the article and foist it upon the heap of shit known as the internet and go about our day.

With that said…

If we write an article about two women in the adult industry sharing a similar name, our intent is not to cause a controversy. Our initial intent was to entertain and so thank you, the controversy you create with your “outrage” causes more entertainment.

If you want real journalism, watch FOX News or this video of Arsenio Hall and the Ultimate Warrior.

And of course, there’s always this:

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